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In Unit 1 you learned how to determine whether a resource was reliable and reputable and how to best apply such a source of information to your everyday life. To reinforce this skill, you will apply this knowledge by researching and evaluating two different resources on one scientific topic. Pick a topic that is related to any field of science, such as chemistry, physics, biology, or geology, and think of a question that you would like to find an answer to. For example, “Is global warming causing more earthquakes?” Or “What is the best treatment for my allergies?” Discuss how, and why, you chose your question.
To complete this Assignment:

Locate two resources about a scientific topic that interests you: one from a scientifically reputable resource and another from a questionable resource.
Write a brief summary of these two articles and an explanation of the differences between the reliability of these resources.
What characteristics make one more scientifically valid than the other? Be sure to indicate which resource is the scientifically reputable resource and which resource’s reliability is questionable. Present both your resources in APA format.

Basic Writing Expectations:

400 words minimum.
Free of grammatical and spelling errors.
No evidence of plagiarism.
Use of APA style for References Page and citations. Refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide.

Turnitin Analysis
A special feature is available to help you with reviewing your Unit 2 Assignment for plagiarism.

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