1. The term corporate culture refers to2. In most organizations, the rumor mill tends to be…

1. The term corporate culture refers to2. In most organizations, the rumor mill tends to be particularly active when3. In the first step of the communication process, the sender4. Whereas Business Communication 1.0 tends to emphasize ________, Business Communication 2.0 focuses more on ________.5. All of the following are examples of unethical communication except6. Which of the following is an example of an ethical lapse?7. To help establish clear guidelines for ethical behavior, many companies provide employees a written8. Which of the following is not a way teams help organizations to succeed?9. groupthink refers to10. A hidden agenda refers to11. ________ are informal standards of conduct that team members share.12. When composing collaborative messages, the best strategy is to13. The first step in the basic listening process is ________ the message.14. Touch is_______.15. When it comes to online etiquette16.Xenophobia is the fear of ______.16. When it comes to decision-making customs, North American executives..17. Women executives who travel abroad18. Asking a colleague “How was your weekend?” is19. When writing letters to businesspeople in other countries, you should ______.20.Which of the following sentences contains an idiomatic expression?21. When speaking in English to people who use English as a second language, you should ______.22.if you translate a message from english into another language it is a good idea to23.Which of the following is not a general category common to business communication?24.The best reason to defer or cancel a message is if25. In general, for internal communication, the higher up your message goes, the26.Messages should contain supporting detail and background information when27. Forecasting your audience’s probable reaction to your message is28.A knowledge-management system29.When meeting your audience’s informational needs, you should emphasize ideas30.Which media would be best for keeping in touch with a sales team whose members live in several different states?31. In part media richness refers to?32.Organizing messages effectively helps readers by33.It is best to limit your use of the word “you†in business messages if______.34.In part because of limited opportunities for feedback, written communication and most forms of electronic communication require ________ than oral communication.35. Select the sentence with the most positive emphasis:36.A euphemism is a word or phrase that is37. Using the term crippled in business communication is an example of38.To establish credibility with your audience, you should39.Although our servers are stable, the telephone system is a serious concern” is40.”Insurance premiums have increased, and cost-of-living raises have not kept up” is a41. Which of the following is a compound sentence?42.When evaluating the work of others, you should43.Skilled business writers44.What is wrong with the following sentence? “To waste time and missing deadlines are bad habits.”45. Which of the following sentences contains a camouflaged verb?46.”The above-mentioned book” is an example of47. “Visible to the eye” is an example of48.Starting a sentence with “It is” or “There are” is49.Using white space in a document50.If you’re sending extremely large files, you should?51. Which of the following statements is true?52. One of your sales representatives has begun using social networks to aggressively promote a new product line. The best response would likely be to53. Email hygiene refers to54. One important element of basic email etiquette is to55. Email messages s56. Which of the following is the best example of an effective email subject line?57. Because many email programs display the first few words or lines of incoming messages, you should58.Many businesses now use blogs to59. greatest drawbacks to using podcasts in business is the60.When making a routine request, you begin with?61. Routine, Positive messages should do all the following62.In a positive message, the main idea is presented?63.When responding to a customer’s complaint about one of your company’s services, you should64.When responding to a claim when your company is at fault, it is best to65. When writing a letter of recommendation, you should66.When you deliver negative message you67. If you choose to apologize in a negative message68.In the close of a negative message you should69.Which of the following is the most effective close for a letter rejecting a job applicant?.70.To avoid being accused of defamation, you should71. Personality, lifestyle and attitudes are assessed through72. If a supervisor approaches a worker who consistently arrives late by saying, “I73. An effective ending for a persuasive message would be74. Using the AIDA approach with social media75. An ethical persuasive argument76. Primary research refers to77. Unlike internet search engines, online databases78.you would not need to cite a source if you have79. Which of the following is a closed-ended question?80.To find out your company’s average monthly utility bill over the last year, you would need to calculate the ______ of the last twelve bills.81. Cad stands for82.the ideal balance between the visual and the verbal depends on83.In business reports, it is best to place each visual84.A contractor submitting a weekly report on work done to date would be providing the client with85.Because of its natural feel and versatility, the ________ approach is generally the most persuasive way to develop an analytical report for skeptical2 + 2 = 486.A contractor receives a request from the owner of a company to bid on a large-scale construction project. The contractor will prepare an87.the introduction of a solicited proposal88. The introduction of a solicited proposal ____________.a. should downplay the magnitude of the problem you’re addressingb. need not be as detailed as that of an unsolicited proposalc. should refer specifically to the RFP that initiated itd. is expected to be much longer than that of an unsolicited proposalUnit 4 Examination174BAM 312 Business Communications89 In a proposal to install an air conditioning system, statements such as “Our company has over25 years of experience installing heating, plumbing, and air conditioning systems†shouldappear in what section?a. Closeb. Bodyc. Introductiond. Appendix90. Smooth transitions between sections and links to other documents and sources of informationare important ____________.a. in any report longer than 2 pagesb. in print reports, but not in those published onlinec. whether your report appears in print or onlined. in online reports, but not usually necessary in written ones91When drafting content for online reports, it is helpful to use the inverted pyramid style oforganization in which you ____________.a. make readers believe you are headed in one direction and reveal your true intentions atthe endb. cover the most important information first and then gradually reveal more detailc. walk readers through arguments you don’t support and then explain whyd. cover the least important information first and work your way to the main idea92. Suppose you work for the Angstrom Corporation. What would be the most concise andcompelling title for a formal report on your company’s proposed acquisition of FreedmanFasteners?a. “To Acquire or Not to Acquireâ€b. “A Study of the Feasibility of Angstrom Corporation Inc. Acquiring the ConcernCurrently Operating as Freedman Fastenersâ€c. “Why Angstrom Should Focus on Its Core Issues and Abandon Its Ancillary Effortsâ€d. “The Pros and Cons of Acquiring Freedmanâ€93. The authors of an informational report have referred to a multitude of data on the spendinghabits of 18- to 25-year-old Americans. They want to provide readers with access to thisinformation but realize it’s too lengthy to include as a footnote and only some readers willfind it relevant. Where should they place it?a. Nowhere; it should simply be left out.b. in the body of the reportc. in the introductiond. in an appendix94. You’re sending an unsolicited proposal to a local restaurant in an effort to become theirprimary food vendor. The letter of transmittal to accompany the proposal should follow theformat for ____________ messages.a. routineb. bad-newsc. good-newsd. persuasive18Final ExaminationBAM 312 Business Communications95. When proofreading formal reports and proposals, you should ____________.a. not worry about typos, only contentb. simply rely on your software’s spelling and grammar checkers to find any errorsc. go back and use the most impressive words you can find to describe key conceptsd. proof your visuals thoroughly96. When organizing a speech, use the indirect approach if your purpose is to ____________ andthe audience is ____________.a. entertain, resistantb. persuade, resistantc. motivate, receptived. inform, receptive97. Formal speeches differ from informal ones in that ____________.a. when delivering a formal speech, you should speak more rapidlyb. formal speeches are often delivered from a stage or platformc. formal speeches are always much longerd. formal speeches always include obscure, unfamiliar vocabulary98. In the introduction to your presentation, it is important to ____________.a. establish credibilityb. ask for audience inputc. discuss the three or four main points on your outlined. boast about your qualifications99. As a speaker, how you go about establishing credibility depends in part on ____________.a. what time of day you deliver your remarksb. the size of your audiencec. whether or not you are a well-known expert in the subjectd. how you are dressed100. At the close of a business presentation, _____________.a. audiences resent being reminded of the presentation’s main ideasb. you should avoid making it obvious that you’re about to finishc. audience attention tends to reach its lowest pointd. be clear about what you want the audience to do nextt
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