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Revenge Porn and Invasion of Privacy – With the rampant use of smart phones and other devices to take and send pictures and videos, many couples immortalize private, intimate moments using their digital devices. Problems arise when the couple split and one side decides to get back at the other and post the intimate pictures and videos online for the world to see. In some instances detailed information, such as name, address, online social media information and phone numbers are also posted. These situations can result in simple embarrassment to severe injuries, including loss of reputation, stalking and harassment by other people, and even loss of a job. In 2014 a group of women filed a class action lawsuit against GoDaddy- an internet hosting site for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy as revenge pron was posted on its domain and not removed. GoDaddy was successful in having the suit dismissed arguing that it did not create the material posted on its domain. Another women in Texas, however was successful in suing her ex-boyfriend and Youtube for the posting of revenge porn, receiving a $500,000 judgment.
Should internet hosting sites like GoDaddy, Facebook, Youtube
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