300 words reflection essay

The reading is attached in file, no outsider resources needed, only use the resources that I provided.

This is a 300 words reflection essay, need to answer all these questions:

When the readings for class are theoretical, your responses should attempt to recapitulate the main argument. If you’re not sure what the argument is, or if it seems that there are multiple arguments and you’re not sure which is most central or how they relate to each other, your response could describe this confusion. Also, try to imagine what problem or concern the author is trying to address.

1. What’s motivating the essay?

2What does the author accomplish and how?

3. You should give some thought to the way the argument is put together. How is it structured?

4. What rhetorical or stylistic gestures does the author use to persuade the reader?

5. Is there anything that author overlooks?


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