4 page double spaced paper on municipal court

Pretend you observed four cases in which the first defendant was being charged of driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to exhibit documentation,The second defendant was charged with failure to observe road signals,The third defendant was charged with Display of unclear or indistinct license plates, andThe fourth defendant was charged with careless driving.
Make sure to include
1. What “players” were present (defendant, attorneys, police officers, jury, probation officer, sheriffs, etc.)?
2. What did each “player” specifically do?
3. Who testified?
4. If no one testified, why not?
5. What facts or elements did the prosecutor focus on with his/her witnesses?
6. What facts or elements did the defense attorney focus on with his witnesses or during cross-examination?
7. What was the outcome of the hearing?
8. What were your thoughts in regards to the hearing? Include concerns or answers for problems.

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