472 module2

1. Determine a clinical problem you have identified in your practice. Formulate and share a research question utilizing the PICO or PIO format. For example: the situation may be that you have difficulties in discharging a homeless patient who needs outpatient psychiatric care to help prevent readmission to the hospital.  The question posed could be: In the homeless population with mental health problems (P), what is the effect of discharge (I) on psychiatric readmission (O)?  See p. 107 of your textbook. You can use the John Hopkins Appendix B: Question Development Tool to help write the final PICO/PIO.

2. Using the P and I from the PICO/PIO you wrote, share the terms you used for a general search: For Example. General Search: (“homeless psychiatric” OR “ homeless mentally ill” OR “hospitalized homeless psych patient” OR “Street based psychiatric patient” OR “street based mentally ill” AND (”discharge” OR  “follow-up” OR “ongoing care” )
3. Use the CINAHL database and use the JHEBP tool to record what you find. Also make sure to only search for articles that are 5 years or less.

you can use any article. 
all resorces are downloaded. please let me know if you need anything.
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