5 Effective Math Learning Methodologies


Learning math could be made easy for students if it is taught by implementing effective learning methodologies. We will focus on a few essential learning methodologies in this article to understand the best way to learn math from online math experts.

Tutors for Math Help can provide valuable guidance to students by giving them the freedom to think about math problems in a productive way. Math as a subject differs from other subjects in a way that there could be more than one way of approaching a math problem.

Let us focus on 5 effective math learning methodologies:

1. Student to Tutor communication – a traditional mode of learning

In a traditional classroom learning environment, teaching is more about tutor to student communication whereas, in online learning environments, learning happens both ways: tutor to student and student to tutor.

This is a more effective form of learning because it not only gives students the opportunity to understand math from their individual perspective but it also allows the tutors to appreciate new ways of approaching a given math problem. In the online learning mode, teaching is customized to the student’s requirements considering the student’s strong and weak areas in a given subject.

2. Being a think tank

We often observe that math homework experts do the thinking job, while students learn from their thinking. This is good and can be productive too but at the risk of being monotonous and boring for students.

It is important for students to learn ‘how to think about a math problem?’ and this is possible only by applying a proactive learning strategy. There could be various ways of doing this. For instance, students can be provided with case studies and they can be told to solve cases as a game or quest to becoming a scholar. Once the students are outside the mindset of perceiving math as a burden then they will freely apply their mind to a math problem. It is amazing and fun to observe ‘how the brain cells of children work in a productive environment?’

3. Applied math

In current times, only scoring good grades is not enough and what is more essential is the ability of the student to probe the intellect to churn brilliance. This can be seen in the geniuses of our times: Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Yes, attending classes and doing the homework is essential for achieving academic success. But what is even more essential is the passion to develop a learning aptitude and passion towards learning.

4. Tutor competencies

Tutor competencies can be developed by adequate training and an eye for new and better ways of doing things. For instance, initially most mathematical problems were solved manually, then the era of calculators came into existence, and then there were computers and Microsoft excel application in which data could be organized, stored, analyzed and concluded easily.

It is possible that students may shy away from technology thinking that ‘learning technology is an additional burden in my already existing academic responsibilities’. But the truth is technology actually reduces the existing burden and students can perform well and get better jobs if they have the expertise and a mind-set to adapt.

5. Education & current challenges in the job world

In the current times, education is not just about teaching and learning; education is about adapting to new challenges and finding the right solutions for those challenges. In other words, education is more than just memorizing formulas and implementing old fashion methodology of solving problems.

In the modern era, it takes more than the potential to survive because there is a rising trend towards entrepreneurship, innovation and creative destruction, meaning that new ways of doing things or entirely new things come into existence to make existing methodologies redundant. For instance, the current trend of innovation is evident from the whole iPod’s, tablet computers and the smart phone revolution.


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