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Topic: President Donald Trump announced that he plans to issue an executive order ending birthright citizenship
You will be writing an argument essay that considers an issue of social injustice. You thesis should state that why you believe that a particular policy., practice or situation is unjust. (why is it wrong?). for instance: bullying is wrong because it leads to violence, destroys self-esteem and creates insecurity. Gerrymandering is unfair because it is manipulates elections to ensure a heavy turnout for one party, it eliminates competition for political office, it unfairly separates people from their representatives.
1. The essay is 5 pages length, not including the works cited page
2. Pages are numbered in the upper right hand corner, with your last name in front of the page number
3. The essay includes quotations from at least four different sources
4. Each quotation is flowed by an in-text citation according to MLA guidelines
5. Beginnings of paragraph are indented; no extra space between paragraph
6. There is an introduction that ends with a thesis statement that states your opinion about the issue you have chosen
7. Quotations adequately support the topic sentences
8. Please use basic language, simple words.
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