8-year-old Black Female with sickle cell

Please touch upon and include the following points in your discussion:

    Discuss the pathophysiology of the concept presented (population foci)
    Include current evidence of the pathophysiology presented (provide 3 current references)
    Include appropriate health promotion and disease prevention screening and methods associated with the pathophysiology of the disease.
    Identify the common chief complaints and clinical presentation (medical history and physical examination findings) of patients with the described pathophysiology of the selected disease.
    Include differential diagnoses
    What would the diagnostic work-up include (procedures, laboratory, and imaging evaluation) of this patients disease based upon your understanding of the pathological basis of the disease and how would you use it to rule in/out diagnostic possibilities in your differential.
    Include the interdisciplinary treatment of patients including lifestyle modifications, pharmacologic interventions, non-pharmacological therapies, including referrals for this particular patient in this case.
    Develop and present an appreciation of the impact the disordered pathophysiology has on the individual patient and family.

All information included in your paper must be cited and referenced using APA format. All sources must be from peer-reviewed journals. Please note that Wikipedia, Ask.com, and commercial websites that are not from a peer-reviewed source are not acceptable sources. Assignment may be returned as incomplete/failure if work submitted is unacceptable.

The case studies should be answered in 2-3 pages. Please maintain the 3-page limit. Papers over 3 pages are strongly discouraged.


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