A piece of a group assignment

Need to discuss Auditory thresholds in length and Attention within the psychology field, Also need an Introduction to myself and ground rules. My section within the outline provided (or attached is as follows in BOLD) is: The answers to these questions will be inserted into a paper so please write them in APA format and in paper format and have them flow nicely between one another.
Attention –
1. Auditory Stimuli Questions
2. Dichotic Listening Questions
3. Dividing Attention Questions
4. Sensory Perception Questions
After that on a seperate piece of paper I need the open dialog discussions filled out as generically as possible so I can turn those in when I get home as well, seperate from the paper and the papers questions. The due date is WRONG I need this by 10 pm this evening..eastern time march 15th! IT WOULDNT ALLOW ME TO PICK THIS FEATURE.
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