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I need three things from you, there are:

narrative literacy final draft (you do not need to write whole new essay, please copy the second draft and revise it based on professor’s comments. Also, please write a new cover memo for the final draft.)
Discourse community final draft ( same as above)
A portfolio letter 1000 -1200 words (I post all the requirements and content of the portfolio at the files section.)

Follow the instruction of portfolio carefully.
I did not post any of the discourse community paper because the files section only accepts 5 files. I will send them to you once you accept the task.
Please put all the final draft into the portfolio as the requirements asks.
For revising, you can make up any logical content you want based on the content of essays itself.
Narrative literacy final draft:
Please look over the professor’s comment carefully, and fix all the problems that he pointed out. When he said ” a little more here” you may make up some content based on the essay. I am looking for at the least 250 words to add into the essay. And when you finish the revising part. Please write a new cover memo as the final draft. It should be 200 words. Thank you.

discourse community final draft:
Check and revise all the grammar and word choice problems.
Adding thesis at the end of Introduction. Make the introduction a little bit longer.
Put the analysis part in a logical order: Benefits – Achievement – Challenges.
Too many “I asked, I asked, I asked” in the Methods part. Please find a way to connect them or rephrases it.
Focusing on the communication. You may make up and add more content based on the essay content.
And please revise any part of the essay which you think should be revised.

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