a video worksheet discussion for global health 2

Read the uploaded file, and read the website through the link https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6709995.

And then answer the question.

Now that you’ve done your fieldwork at the grocery store to gather information, you need to write a post analyzing your findings. The point of these posts is to expand and further analyze some of the questions you answered in the Supermarket Field Research handout as well as the ones asked below. Your analysis should focus on race, ethnicity, and also can focus on gender in the products that you found in the grocery store and you MUST make an argument as to whether or not you think these radicalized/gendered images help or do not help sell the products they are on. For this post, please focus on one SPECIFIC product (if you focused on more than one on your handout.) Be sure to upload a photo or two that you took while doing your research so your fellow classmates can see what you’re talking about. 10 points

The answer should be only 175-250 long, and cite only from the uploaded file or the website.


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