account homework 0

compare the indrustry average ratios for the period 2009-2011 to Brands,Inc and indicate if Brands,Inc is favorable, unfavorable or average when compared to the indrustry. Provide assessment of Brands, Inc for 3 years in question
                                                      Indrustry Average                                                       Brands,Inc
current                                                             2.2                                                                1.8
quick                                                                1.5                                                                1.2 
inventory turnover                                            7                                                                   7.5
average collection period                                 35 days                                                         39 days    
debt-to-equity                                                   1.5:2                                                             1.3:2
current                                                             2.1                                                                1.75
quick                                                                1.6                                                                 1.7   
inventory turnover                                            7                                                                    8
average collection period                                3 5 days                                                         41days               
debt-to-equity                                                  1.5:2                                                              1:2
current                                                            2.3                                                                    1.9
quick                                                               1.4                                                                     1.4  
inventory turnover                                           7.5                                                                    7.5
average collection period                               34days                                                              38days
debt-to-equity                                                 1.5:2                                                                  1.2:2  

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