address something you found really interesteting in one of your interviews

Post a 250-400 word post that does BOTH of the following:

– address something you found really interesteting in one of your interviews (and why it was interesting and how it relates to the specifics of that individual–class, race, age, family, etc.)

– embed a clip from something that one of your interviewees addressed with a one-sentence description and one sentence describing what they thought about it.

In your peer response, address how either the clip or comment reflects or goes against what one of your interviewees said.  Contextualize this within the bigger picture of viewing habits. Please check the attachment to reply to post. 

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One of my interviewees was my dad, who is 67 years old and grew
up in Cambridge, England. I was completely fascinated by my interview with him.
I have heard a lot about my dad’s childhood, but never in regards to his
experiences with television. I think my experience with television compared to
my dad’s are different in almost every aspect. First of all, he vividly
remembers when his family got their first TV when he was eight years old. He
grew up in a middle class family and said that most of his friends families
got televisions around the same time as he did. I don’t remember getting a
TV, it was just something we always had. My dad also told me that his first TV
was black and white, had a screen that was maybe 15 inches across, and had
only a couple channels. Television didn’t run 24/7 either. There were only a
few channels that were intended for adults when he was a kid (excluding
Saturday morning cartoons) so he mostly watched the news with his parents and
sister. He commented about how there was no political commentary or opinions
included in the news he watched, and there were no channels like Fox News or
MSNBC. Overall, he didn’t feel that television influenced him much as a kid. He
said he rarely watched more than 30 minutes to an hour of television a
day and was more interested in sports. One show he did mention loving
as a kid was “Sunday Night at the Palladium” which was a weekly
variety show that broadcast like from the Palladium theatre. (It has also used
the names Tonight at the London Palladium, Sunday Night at the London
Palladium, and the London Palladium Show.) It could include comedy sketches,
musical performances, dance performances, and more. He said this was the one
television show that he looked forward to as a kid.

One thing that
surprised me the most was my dad’s response when I asked him about his
most significant television related memory and he responded with 9/11. I
wasn’t surprised that this was a significant memory for him, because I
think most of us remember exactly where we were when we saw the 9/11
footage on television. What surprised me was that when I asked him if he
remembered seeing a significant historic moment on television as a kid, he said
no. As a kid, he would have heard about an event like that on the evening news,
but there wasn’t the type of “breaking news” 24 hour coverage that we
have now. Though 9/11 stands out in my mind, I can remember other times when I
saw “breaking news” coverage and watched an event unfold live as an
adolescent. It makes sense that my dad’s experiences with live TV coverage
aren’t the same as mine, but it did surprise me because live TV coverage of
important events has always been

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