answer the following questions 194

1) Is Functional psychology the most important school of thought in the history of psychology? Defend your answer with at least 3 arguments.
Answer the following questions. APA style !!!

2) Explain how the Good Samaritan study explores issues relevant to functional psychology
4) How does Darwin’s theory of natural selection “fit” into the field of psychology?
5) Using Watson’s arguments in the Original Source Material from Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It, describe why he thought that psychology had failed to become a natural science and what it needed to do to become one.
6) Explain how the Marshmallow test examines concepts important in behaviorism.
7) Explain how functionalists and behaviorists differ on their beliefs with regards to childrearing.
8) Why would behaviorism be considered more important to the development of psychology than functionalism?
9) How are Watson’s views of behaviorism different from current behaviorism?
11) Describe Pavlov’s work on conditioning, including his experimental method and the extent to which he attempted to control irrelevant variables.
12) How are Skinner boxes and Puzzle boxes the same? Different? Don’t just describe how they look physically different.
13) How is the Stanford Prison study similar to the study of Little Albert?
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