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Timone has decided to sell his old gaming system to buy a new and improved gaming system. The system he is selling includes the control box, two controllers, the gaming monitor, and ten different games. Timone emails Brittany and states in the email that Brittany can purchase the complete gaming system for $450. Brittany emails Timone back and says that she will bring a check to Timones house on Friday by noon.

In one or more fully formed paragraphs, discuss the elements necessary to form a valid contract. Do you think Brittany and Timone have formed a valid contract? Why or why not?

This assignments asks you to read some facts and then act as a judge. You will decide if all the elements of a contract have been met. However, you need to FIRST list the elements of a valid contract THEN look at the facts and discuss those facts to decide if that elements has been met. You will need to write multiple paragraphs to get all that discussed. 2-3 paragraphs should be enough.

For example, Jamal asked Tariq if he wanted to buy a computer from Jamal. Tariq said yes by text message, and then said he would not pay more than $500. Jamal never replied and sold the computer to another person. Was there valid offer and acceptance? NO. Jamal made an offer, Tariq replied with some information on price but never heard back from Jamal. No valid acceptance and no true offer.


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