Apollo’s Angels Chapter 2 Annotated Question (DANCE HISTORY PAPER)

BACKGROUNDAn annotation is a comment or an explanation that refers to a specific source (Apollo’s Angels) and serves to identify insights and relevant thoughts to a commonly identified subject (Dance). An annotated question will follow this same process, beginning with a comment and concluding with a question that has been initiated from that comment. As we explore this annotation process, it is important to present specific references from the Apollo’s Angels reading and/or supplemental sources.The following is an example of a reading excerpt and a question. You will respond, citing examples from the text to support your ideas. Although not required, extra reading sources included in your response will merit extra credit on your grade.Chapter 1:Kings of Dance- Dance adapts under various rulesAs dance developed throught the Renaissance, it became a tool that poets and scholars believed might enhance man’s opportunity for salvation. The Academie de Poesie et Musique (Poetry and Music Academy), established in 1570 under Catherine de M’edici,  saught to to pusue the ideas that dance, music, and language when created with a sensitivity to “number, proportion, and design…could elucidate the occult order of the universe, thus revealing God” (Homans, 2010, p.5). These ideas would lead to the creation in 1581 of what has been called the first ballet du cour, Le Ballet Comique de la Reine.As the rule of France changed, though, the purpose of dance and its creation also began to change. Under the leadership of Louis XIII and then his son Louis XIV, dance began to take on a different structure and usage. What do you identify as critical events/ideas that helped to shift focus from connecting with God to satisfying human desires?Homans, J. (2010). Apollo’s Angels. New York, New York: Random HouseYour response to the question does not need to be absolutely conclusive. In 1-2 pages, present an idea or two that respond to the question. Strong and logical ideas supported with relevant citations are needed to complete this exercise.ASSIGNMENTPlease prepare an annotated question from the reading of Chapter 2 in Apollo’s Angels. Remember that the key to the annotation is citing the sections that you feel bring forward your insights. In other words, challenge yourselves and think critically. As always, extra citations from outside the reading will be rewarded.
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