argument s worthiness

Four Tests of an Argument’s Worthiness

  1. The Test of Truthfulness: When you evaluate an argument for truthfulness, you will look closely at the provided reasons. If the reasons are true, the argument will pass the truthfulness test.
  2. The Test of Logical Strength: When you evaluate an argument for logic, you study the claim and the reason. If the reason proves to be true, it is likely that the premise is also true.
  3. The Test of Relevance: This test focuses on the reasons and the conclusion. In simple terms, the truth of the claim is related to the truth of the provided reason.
  4. The Test of Non-Circularity. Simply stated, if the reason and the claim say the same thing, the argument is not solid

Think of an argument you witnessed, read about, or experienced.

  • Use the four tests for evaluating arguments to quickly take notes on the argument you selected.
  • Did your argument pass the four tests or fail them? Briefly describe your selected argument and share your observations by posting to the “Lesson 5: Reader’s Log” discussion. Remember to respond to the ideas of one other member of the class.
  • Your work will be scored by the following criteria.


Max. Points available

Content: In shaping his/her response, the

student applies vocabulary from the lesson correctly, presents a

description of one argument, and shares observations about the argument

using the four tests of evaluating arguments. The student responded to

the work of one other member of the class.


Grammar/Mechanics: The assignment has been proofread and spellchecked prior to submission. There are no errors that impede comprehension.


Total Points Possible



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