Assignment For Kim

Community Cultural Diversity Essay – 20 points
Due in week 7 – see course for exact date

Nashville, TN – Zip Codes 37013, 37214 and 37115

Assignment meets course objectives 1 – 4
The goals of this assignment are, through an assessment of the student’s community, to utilize concepts from the social, natural sciences, and nursing theory to describe the structure of society, human development across the lifespan, cultural differences and assess diverse aggregates for health risk factors. To discuss strategies for promoting physical and mental health and social well-being in clients across the lifespan and identify the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for cultural competence. Students will explore cross-cultural communication as the foundation for the provision of culturally competent nursing care, describe the major cultural belief systems of people from selected cultures, and compare and contrast professional and folk healing systems. Students will identify the major complementary and alternative health care therapies within the community and identify

communication principles and techniques to facilitate interaction with patients of diverse cultures and in multiple settings.

To accomplish these goals students will perform a cultural assessment of their community and submit a community cultural diversity essay.

Essential Items Which Must Be Included:

Identify cultural groups in your community.
Compare and contrast local statistics and national statistics of all groups identified.

Discuss health programs and resources that the address the cultural care needs for the various cultural groups in your community

Discuss healthcare needs of one of the cultural groups identified – illness/disease process specific to this population.

Discuss the health programs which address the needs of the one chosen cultural group and illness/disease process

Identify gaps in health programs or resources and provide suggestions to improve cultural care needs for your community.

Discuss which theoretical model (Purnell, Giger Davidhizar, Campinha-Bacote, Leinginger) would be best used to address the needs of the one cultural group identified in this essay.

Provide a conclusion paragraph – what new knowledge was gained, how you will use this knowledge in your practice, etc.

You must have peer reviewed articles for this essay. Government websites may provide your statistics but are in addition to the five peer reviewed article requirement. In addition, it is expected that you would use your Purnell text chapters 6-24 as they relate to your community people groups and the articles provided for each specific theory or model.

APA 6th edition format is to be used to write your paper. Please review the RN BSN Orientation shell for information on how to format your paper and the essential elements of an APA paper i.e., title page, headings, correct intext citations, and a correctly formatted reference page.
No Abstract needed.

Make sure you have an introduction, body, and summary/conclusion to your paper. You are encouraged to use the assignment criteria as headings for your paper.

Faculty is looking for quality of content and assignment criteria completeness – paper should be no greater than 5 pages (excluding title page and reference page).




Community Cultural Diversity Essay – 20 points


Mastery (A = 20)

Developing (B = 16)

Limited (C = 15)

page9image10128 page9image10448

Critical Thinking

Essay shows evidence of application of skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Logic is nearly flawless.

Essay shows inconsistent application of skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Logic may be flawed.

Essay shows minimal application of skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Logic may be flawed.


Essay remains focused with every reference appropriate to topic of paper

Essay remains focused with most references appropriate to topic of paper

page9image22320 page9image22640

Essay without clear focus with some references appropriate to topic of paper.

Quality of support

Well chosen textual support adequately examined and

Acceptably chosen support with inconsistent relevance.

page9image30112 page9image30432

Questionable support with few valid points, lacking relevance.

page9image31952 page9image32272

Organization And Presentation

relevant. Information is

very organized with clear titles.


Information is organized but the titles are missing or do not help the reader understand.

Information is without organization.

Mechanics and Style


Essay is well written in scholarly style and follows all APA formatting

Essay is acceptably written in scholarly style and follows most APA formatting

Essay is poorly written with little scholarly style and/or is inconsistent in following of APA formatting.


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