bacteriology lab

Describe the difference between an      antiseptic and a disinfectant.What is the difference between a      bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal agent?What conclusions can you draw about antiseptics tested?Which ones worked best?Which ones were not successful at      inhibiting the growth of bacteria?What conclusions can you draw about disinfectants tested?Which ones worked best?Which ones were not successful at      inhibiting the growth of bacteria?Why might some antiseptics/disinfectants      work better on one group rather than the other?How do the antiseptics compare to      disinfectants? Explain.Based on what you know about chemicals      found in these antiseptics and disinfectants & the information you      learned in lecture, are you surprised at their ability to stop microbial      growth or lack thereof? Elaborate.10. How does your group’s data compare to the course averages? Why is it important to use the course averages instead of just your groups when analyzing the data?11. Are there any limitations/factors that can affect the accuracy of the disc diffusion method? [Hint: see background information]12. What kind of experimental errors could have affected the results?_____________Throat CultureIs there just 1 type of bacteria growing?Is there just 1 type of hemolysis?Which kinds did you see? Be sure to describe them.Describe the normal flora of the pharynx.      (You can consult your Textbook Ch.13 & 21 for more info)What type of media did we use?What conditions do we normally incubate      the media in?Dental Caries SusceptibilityWhat type of media is used for the Dental      Caries test?What physical state was the media in when      you inoculated it? What state was the media when we put the tubes in the      incubator?Does the Dental Caries test, indicate a      person has cavities?A positive result shows as a color      change. What color was it & what color does it change? Why?If the result is positive, what metabolic      process is happening?Describe the normal flora of the oral      cavity. (You can consult your Textbook Ch.13 & 22 for more info)Gram Stain of the Gum LineWhat did you find when you Gram stained      your gum line?What are you supposed to find (what types      of cells & what colors)?Describe the steps of the Gram stain.Describe the results of a Gram stain      & what it indicates.
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