Baltimore Community assessment

Select a community to study either a community where you live or work.
Utilize the Community Assessment Framework document to guide what constitutes valuable information to gather.  Use Table 17.5 on page 383 of the textbook as your primary guide to follow, to include key assessment content, especially regarding place.

Look for characteristics that you feel define the client/community and the life surrounding it.  Pay particular attention to the immediate surroundings of your identified community.  Valuable information about the needs of the community can be assessed just by looking at the individuals in it!

An important component of the assessment is the impact of the communitys strengths and weaknesses upon individuals and families!
With the information gathered, type a 6-8 page document (APA format) that describes or tells a picture of your community. 
Include such data as where your clinical site is located in the community, a description, in general terms, of its population and the types of services the population receives. 
Define some health indicators, strengths and weaknesses of the community. This information is part of your nursing assessment
Develop a working conclusion about the state of health in this community. 
Define particular problems you are seeing.
Discuss ways a community health nurse  might address those problems using Core Functions & Levels of Prevention
Identify who the partners could be in addressing those problems, such as nearby health centers, hospitals, or faith-based institutions.
Include professional references that strengthen your conclusions or reporting (APA style).


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