Brand report

I need this report written about how the pandemic is effecting a fashion brand. I haven’t picked a fashion brand yet so that could be up to you. I basically need the report to get me a high B grade which means it needs to be extremely detailed and contain a lot of useful information. I attached the brief of this assignment, a list of links you will need for the assignment( if you need info from other websites other than the links i sent you that’s fine but please make these links your first priority.As well as examples of this assignment from previous students(the examples aren’t 100% the same it’s just to guide you.)The assignment can be done on any software but please make it creative like the examples. Have fun with using images and figures. This assignment MUST be HARVARD REFERENCING. If you use images the images must be referenced as well as showing where the picture is from(see examples to see what I’m talking about)


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