BUS314 Camosun Contemporary Leadership and Intercultural Competence PPT

Assignment Two – Textbook Chapter Presentation IN POWER POINT

In teams you will be responsible for creating a presentation based on one chapter from your text. Assignment Presentations, debates and discussions are a very important element of this class. This is the way that you expand and share your knowledge with others and share valuable information, show and develop your cross-cultural leadership capabilities, your skills in communication, and critical thinking.

For this assignment, you will work with a team to develop and deliver a chapter from your text. Your team is asked to create a 30 minute presentation (power point or other) that explains, supports and applies one chapter to a business audience. This presentation is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into one of the topics covered and explain it to a wider audience in a manner that they can understand. The purpose is for you to demonstrate an integrative, comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in the course

Your presentation will follow this format:

EXPLAIN (10 minutes) In your presentation, you need to capture the chapter’s main ideas and present them lucidly and in a well-developed fashion. Cover the chapter in its entirety, treating its main ideas with consistent consideration and analysis.

SUPPORT/DISCUSS (10 minutes) conversely, please highlight the lecture with your own perspective on the issues you are discussing. As you inject your opinion, do so in an academic manner, allowing your thoughts and experiences to enhance the topic at hand. You may discuss these ideas with your classmates at this point.

APPLY (10 minutes) you will provide an activity that allows your audience to apply the ideas presented in the chapter.

You will cite a minimum of 4 published scholarly sources in your discussion. (a published scholarly source is a book or peer-reviewed journal article). (HINT- you may use the references at the end of each chapter to support your analysis).

You should aim for 250 to 300 words of content in the NOTES section of your slides as support for what you are presenting and something for your instructor to refer back to when grading.

Presentations will be grade based on:

Approach and articulation to the chapter information – a critical analysis and not just a summary report

Significant content and up to date information

Creativity and professionalism

Understanding leadership situations and your presentation of solutions or recommendations

The presentation resources that are created (ex power point)


Quotations/References: All sources will be cited using APA format Your ability to engage the audience in discussion and application of the topic.

Each of the members of the group must present a portion of the presentation and contribute to discussion/application exercise.

The application of the theory to the leadership issue using the guided questions below. You may include some of the following questions to guide your analysis:

What is the purpose of the topic? What do you want us to learn, understand and remember?

How do the authors frame the topic?

What are some of the general challenges to a leader or an organization associated with this aspect of cross cultural leadership?

What are some solutions to overcome some of the practical issues in this area of leadership?

How is this topic supported or not by other scholars or practitioners?

Can you illustrate this with a real life cross cultural leadership example?

Explain how a leader might handle these specific aspects of development.

Outline what particular leadership skills might be necessary for this and how to develop them

The Book Name:

Moodian, M.A. (Ed.). (2009). Contemporary leadership and intercultural competence: Exploring the cross cultural dynamics within organizations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

I want a notes to be written in the PowerPoints notes section for the presentation, and in separate doc so I can prepare my self to read it for the presentation.

Chapter 12:Leading in Todays Multicultural World


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