Business communication

Each answer should have 300-500 words. Please use APA 6th Edition reference model.

1. Suppose you work in a service providing company. Your boss has asked you to call a meeting the members of the sales group to discuss the launch of new product in the service list of the company.What kind of meeting would be required? Prepare a comprehensive agenda for the participants of the meeting.

2. Discuss 3 specific situations at the workplace where positive non-verbal communication could be used effectively to enhance verbal communication.

3. Lateral or horizontal communication is more important today than vertical communication. Do you agree or disagree? Justify the answer.

4. Critically access following scenario and answer the question: Josh is the Accounting Department tells you that he heard from a reliable source that 15 percent of the staff will be fired within 120 days. You would love to share this juicy news with other department member, for their own defence and planning. Should you? Why or why not?


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