Calculating Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

In order to determine the number of FTEs (full time employees) needed to perform each job function, you need to determine the following:

Determine how long it takes to do each task
How much productivity is expected in a day?
What is the work load?
Also consider PF&D: Personal time, fatigue, and delay

An employee cannot be productive for 8 hours straight
Probably productive for 7 hours or 35 hours per week

Don’t forget to round up to two decimal points. For example, an FTE calculation of .718 would be rounded up to .72.
For each task, figure out how many minutes, hours, and FTEs are needed per week.

Your department has 550 pieces of loose filing
Your standard for loose filing is 3 minutes per chart
Considering PF&D, how many FTEs do you need?

Loose Sheet Filing – 550 pieces of filing, 3 minutes per chart550 x 3 = 1650 minutes, divided by 60 minutes per hour = 27.5 hours27.5 hours per week divided by 35 hours = .79 FTEs
Calculate the number of FTEs you will need for the five positions within the Health Information Management department.

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