communication/ Identify five strategies for reducing communication apprehension./Explain extemporaneous delivery?/Name five resources, which can be helpful in gathering ideas for a speech./Identify five reference sources for a speech./Identify the elements of vocal delivery./Identify five strategies for the introduction and conclusion.
June 21, 2017
accounting 1
June 21, 2017

Career Opportunities/What Makes a “Good” Officer?
Please address the following questions in a 2- page essay, complete with a title page, reference page, and citations.
1. What career opportunities are available for individuals who obtain a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice?
2. What are the salary ranges of these careers?
3. Are more opportunities available for those individuals who continue in their degrees with a Master’s degree in criminal justice
Support your discussion with outside references.
Be sure to cite your resource(s).
What Makes a “Good” Officer?
Write a 500-word paper where you discuss what you think makes a “good” police officer. Interview a current or former police on their views of what makes a “good”
police officer and provide your results of the discussion. What did you learn from your interview?
In your paper also include a discussion on:
Characteristics of a “good” officer.
Give an example of an officer that you have seen with these characteristics. This may be in person or on television.
Support your argument with outside references.
Be sure to cite your resource(s).


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