case study

Case Study Final Instructions:

· Presentation needs to be handed in in outline form from each student, each student will work on their own individual outline.  Some content areas may over-lap and that is ok.

· Grading is according to the criteria as outlined on grading sheet to be discussed.

· Include at least 2 “Clinical Research Articles” related to topic with outline.

· Include all reference in appropriate format

Part One/Time: 30min

You are required to identify your specific topic and have the following information in Part A of the expected criteria prepared to turn in.  Review the assessment portion of chapter 2 that we discussed in class and include information related to the ABCDE assessment tool.  Below is a suggested template, please do not limit yourself to the template below, use as a guide and include thorough points related to your patient.  Please submit assignment via blackboard.

A. Patient Information

· Age

· Height/Weight


· Diagnosis

· Social Economic History

· Related Past Medical History

· Identified Problems Related to Nutrition

Part Two/Time: 60min

Please build on what you did in part one, be very specific to each part in the outline.  This is just a guide for the expected criteria, elaborate on each point and provide specific details to each point.  For example, don’t just list medications.  Provide the name of the medication, recommended dose, side effects, nutrition implications, etc.  Do this same thought process for each point, and elaborate on any points that were vague in part one.  Please submit via blackboard.

B. Disease/disorder Process and Explanation

1. General overview of disease process and how it related to nutrition specifically-give a detailed overview of your disease, not limited to the topics below.

a. Classic symptoms-for the disease in general

b. Pertinent medications and side effects related to nutrition-note if there are not any

c. Other medical professionals involved in care-define their role specifically

Part Three/Time: 90min

Please continue to add the criteria below to the first 2 sections that you’ve already completed. Please make any corrections to part I and part II in this section as well. Remember do not just add the basic info to the outline below. Think in more depth on the concepts we’ve been discussing in class to make your case study more complete. Don’t leave questions unanswered, someone should be able to read your outline and have a full understanding of your patient and the disease process with questions. Disease/disorder Process and Explanation

· General overview of disease process and how it related to nutrition specifically

· Classic symptoms

· Pertinent medications and side effects related to nutrition

· Other medical professionals involved in care

· Assessment of Current Nutrition Status

· Present Dietary Regime

· 24 hour recall

· Energy needs

· Barriers to achieve wellness

· Nutrition Intervention

· Diet and Lifestyle changes recommended for disease and patient

· Short and long term goals

· Plan to achieve goals

· Evaluation and Summary of Intervention

· Please submit your final draft of your case study outline with your works cited/references and 2 clinical studies related to your topic. You can submit links to your studies but please make sure the links work and will direct me to the webpage without an error

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