case study

The Arts Property and Hotel by Arthur I. Segal & Ani Vartanian, 2002, HBS Case_9-803-009. This case study discusses the development of a mixed-use real estate development project, the Arts Property, in Barcelona, Spain and the subsequent acquisition of the property by Mr. Xavier Faus and his investor consortium. It portrays the tremendous difficulty in developing the project in the early part of 1990s and presents great challenges for the new owners who have a short investment horizon. This case offers a real-world perspective on the complexity and difficulty of hotel project development and management.

The following are the guidelines for this case study:

Your written analysis of a case should generally contain five sections

1. Executive Summary

2. Brief overview of key case facts

3. Identification of the case problem or central issue

4. Discussion of 2-3 alternative solutions to resolve the problem

5. Selection of the preferred solution and explanation of how it solves the


The body of your case analysis should be no longer than 4.5 pages, double-spaced.

Allow yourself an average of one page per section (2-5 above) and a half-page for the executive summary. Part of the learning experience is the distillation of notes, ideas and opinions into succinct presentations of your thinking on a particular case. Articulately state your points. You are encouraged to use other resources.


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