Chapter 11 of the text discusses how humans develop an attachment style, startin

Chapter 11 of the text discusses how humans develop an attachment style, starting in infancy. One’s attachment style plays a vital role in our connections to others throughout life. This assignment is due by Sunday 11:59pm EST of the course week. Please download the following worksheet PSY 101 Chapter 11 Attachment Activity to discover your attachment style and how it applies to your connections to others in adulthood. Complete the questions by putting your responses on the worksheet. Save the document and submit it to Wee 4 Activity: What’s Your Attachment Style? Resources: *Chapter 11 of your textbook – Chapter 11 – The Developing Mind: Life Span Development Many people are automatically drawn to a tiny infant, as it begins an incredible journey through brain development. The first few years of a human’s life involve astronomical brain growth. All of the holding, eye contact, talking to the baby, and regularly responding to their needs provides the essential support for each human brain to develop to full functioning. These interactions between babies and others have evolved over many years, to provide the optimal environment for development. Chapter 11 will guide you through the highlights of this amazing process and the other vital development areas humans go through from birth to adolescence. *Attachment Styles and Close Relationships (Links to an external site.) – *Adult Attachment Theory and Research – Step 1: • Go to the website at first link below. When you get there, choose option B and complete the brief questionnaire. o If you are not currently in a romantic relationship, complete the questions based on your most recent meaningful relationship, a good friendship, or think of the questions as hypothetical. • When you are finished, read the second link. Use information from that article and the results of your assessment to answer the questions below. Click here to begin the Experiences in Close Relationships- Revised assessment Farley, R. C. (2018). Adult Attachment Theory and Research. Retrieved from: Step 2: Answer the questions below directly on this worksheet. Use only your opinion (as appropriate), the provided links, or your textbook to answer the questions. 1) Describe your results from the questionnaire, in your own words. Be specific. If you don’t understand what some of your results mean, feel free to say so. Your response must be at least 100 words. Worth 5 points 2) Compare and/or contrast your own observed attachment related experiences and behaviors to theories and questions presented in the article. Provide 3 specific examples from your life and how they validate or do not validate information in the article. Connect your thoughts to the article content. Your response must be at least 150 words. Worth 15 points. • For example: Providing similarities between your attachment experiences as an infant to your attachment patterns in adult relationships, then connecting them to the article. 3) Did you learn new things about yourself and about attachment theories from this assignment? If so, what were they. If not, where did you learn these concepts before? Your response should at least 100 words. Worth 10 points. **RUBRIC WITH LINKS ATTACHED**

The post Chapter 11 of the text discusses how humans develop an attachment style, startin appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post Chapter 11 of the text discusses how humans develop an attachment style, startin first appeared on nursing writers.

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