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Chi-Square[WLOs: 2, 5] [CLOs: 2, 3 5]Prior to beginning work on this interactive learning activity, review Chapter 10 in your course textbook, pages 109 to 120 in Chapter 7 of the Jarman e-book, and the Week 2 Instructor Guidance. Also, readChi-Square Test,The Chi-Square Test: Often Used and More Often Misinterpreted,The Chi-Square Test of Independence,How to Chi-Square Test (Links to an external site.), andHow to Interpret Chi-Squared. (Links to an external site.)Also review theTwo-Way Tables,Chi-Square Tests: Crash Course Statistics #29(Links to an external site.),Chi-Square Test for Association (Independence) | AP Statistics | Khan Academy(Links to an external site.), andChi-Square: Lecture 11videos.You will complete the Chi-Square learning activity. In this learning activity, you will explain the statistical concepts involved in chi-square tests, calculate expected frequencies for a chi-square test, answer questions about features of chi-square tests, and interpret the results of a chi-square test. Note the following as you work on your activity:This activity is not timed. You must score at least 75% on the learning activity to earn credit. You can retry the learning activity multiple times to reach the minimum passing score.The learning activity must be completed in a single sitting. You will not have the option to pause and pick up where you left off.This learning activity is worth 3% of your course grade.Click on the Load Week 2 – Learning Activity in a new window button below when you are ready to start this learning activity. When finished, click Submit.This tool was successfully loaded in a new browser window. Reload the page to access the tool again.The following content is partner provided
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