class discussion 92

1. DIscussion Question

Consider humanity as the ultimate predator. Many, if not most of us, particularly in the United States, are quite comfortable with the harvesting of organisms like tuna, deer, ducks, or rabbits. Other countries and cultures; however, value species for food that rarely, if ever, find their way to the North American dinner plate. What are your thoughts on the harvesting of organisms such as whales, dolphins, seals, etc.? Is hunting the only major issue that might threaten the existence of these organisms? Should we limit ourselves to eating only certain organisms? Why, or why not? Feel free to do some independent research.

Please be original….No references….Response can be one or two paragraphs


2. Please give a response to the below response from my peer.

In a way I feel biased because I eat meat like chicken, steak, beef, etc. but when it comes to things like dolphins, whales and seals, I feel like it is a horrible thing. Us as humans make it our priority to survive, I get it but I think we should use our resources more wisely. We are all aware pf the animal chain. When one kind of animal goes completely extinct, it affects the entire chain. Hunting is NOT the only issue when it comes to animals existence. Us as humans have the ability and power to change an environment. Some of these animals are dying due to the inability to survive their own habitat because of things like pollution and lack of food. I don’t think we should limit ourselves to eating only certain organisms but instead, we need to spread our resources out because our population is only going to evolve more and more. If humans begin to overpower our available resources, this can be a real problem and a threat to humans.

Please be original….No references….Response can be one or two paragraphs


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