Collection paper due may 13

Take a look at Digital Maryland or WHILBR, two Maryland sites that digitize primary sources from institutions (libraries, archives, and museums) in Maryland. Pick a collection that interests you and contains sources that “speak” about, or for, women in history. Pick one or two items (artifacts, documents, photographs, etc.) and using the “Questions for Analysis” found in the textbook write a 4-to-5-page study of these items and what they tell about women in history. It can be longer. I will read, and grade, whatever you submit. You should also use what you’ve learned about women’s history in this course to analyze the sources. This is your big finish, prove that you have been intellectually active during the semester. Your textbook will be your major secondary source. You may also use other published sources if you would like. If you use specific information from the textbook, you should footnote the textbook for that information. It goes without saying that you would do the same for any other secondary source you utilize. You must footnote the specific primary and/or visual sources that you are analyzing. Please be careful, when you read the material in the book, to distinguish between the words of primary sources and the words written by the textbook authors (secondary source material). When you use or quote material, you need to know (and say) whose thoughts and words you’re working with. Advice about tone and approach: Write this assignment as a paper, not like an answer to an essay question. That is, the paper should be able to stand alone. Introduce your topic at the beginning. Briefly introduce your sources, either at the beginning or when you come to each one in the paper. You don’t need to justify why you picked out those sources. Just briefly introduce them and then analyze them. You should discuss the “collection” they came from – the name of the collection, which institution holds the materials, and the collection’s provenance. 9

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