COM530 SNHU Communication in The Digital Age Project


For your final project, you will submit a legal and ethical handbook (rather than a traditional paper). The handbook pulls together all of the work you have done this semester and allows you to apply it to your own organization or an organization of your choice.

Your handbook will include a list of ethical best practices for your organization. Your analysis of professional codes of ethics in Milestone One, as well as your use of the different ethical frameworks during our discussions, will help you create this list.

Your topic selection in Milestone Two, as well as the analysis of different cases in our discussions throughout the course, have given you practice in dissecting the legal and ethical issues associated with real-world communication dilemmas. You will put these skills into practice in the case- study portion of your handbook.

Finally, your new knowledge about the different areas of law, as well as your analysis of landmark court cases in Milestone Three, will help you create a list of legal guidelines for your organization. The goal is helping your colleagues avoid legal issues when creating digital media messages.

Be sure to carefully review the final project rubric and apply instructor feedback from the Milestones.


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