Community (Research Project) Assessment

Community (Research Project) Assessment

The aim of this assignment is to determine how the findings from your study will solve a community, municipal, organizational or social problem. To accomplish the study objective the following questions must be addressed.

  1. Based on the need definitions presented on pages 198-200, John W Creswell-Research Design_ Qualitative Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches-SAGE Publications Inc (2013).pdf what need does your study represent?
  2. What problem are you trying to solve? (effectiveness DUI in car devices)
  3. What is the change or outcome do you expect once your study is completed? (less repeat offenders)
  4. Who is the target population that will benefit from your study?
  5. Based on the need definitions presented on pages 198-200, what need does your study represent? (reduce repeat DUI offenders )
  6. Whom is the assessment attempting to inform, influence, or persuade?
  7. What sources of data do you need to complete the assessment?

My research topic is How effective DUI in car devices.And goal is to reduce repeat offenders.

i will attach my previous work,so you can complete assessment base on that. Please deeply and fully answer all that 7 questions!


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