In the readings, please read Chapter 91 on “Offender Reentry”, which speaks about matters related to probation and parole. – Attached as Criminology pdf
On “The Criminal Justice System”, please click on “Conference Essay Questions”.  Please use questions # 6, #8, and #16 as a basis for your reply to Week 4 Discussion.  These questions are:
1. Compare and contrast the approaches of community-oriented policingand problem-oriented policing. Which is more effective? Why?
2. Delineate the steps in the criminal justice process. Do you see (orknow of) anything with the criminal justice process that you believeis flawed. For example, I had one student who resented the presence ofa victim’s impact statement at the sentencing hearing. The studentbelieved that inflammatory and exaggerated statements might be madethat could have an impact on sentencing. The student felt that ifvictims were free to give such statements that defense attorneysshould be able to cross-examine the victim(s) to see if they aredistorting what has been stated. Do you see anything in the criminaljustice process that should be changed? What would you recommend thatshould be done?
3. Probation and parole are distinct functions that are often confusedby the general public. Explain how parole differs from probation, andindicate which of the two has the more challenging mission. Explainyour thinking.
Post your response as a reply to Week 4 Discussion. Your response shouldbe a minimum of four paragraphs long. It is important that you referto material you read in the text in answering these questions. It isalso important that you read the responses of other students. You mustalso post a response to at least two of the other students’ posts.
I have attached module 4 as word doc

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