Computer Science homework Assignment

Computer Science homework Assignment

 Do not go to some website and copy and paste this assignment or worse the paper itself, there is one paper out on the web that has been presented to me as original no less than eight times in the past year and half. I have seen them all, and recognize them. Plagiarism is not worth the effort. Even if you try to disguise it by changing a few words, it really doesn’t work. I can see patterns that most students don’t realize. 🙂 Homework helper and other such sites are rip offs, avoid the temptation, even if other professors may have let these slide, trust me, I am not worth the gamble. 😉

 No, you can’t use the SEC420 paper, or SEC402 paper or any other paper from any other course you took. Most have been submitted to SafeAssign or Turnitin and will show up when you submit as having been submitted and graded. One cannot use a paper that has been graded for credit in one course for submission for another.

This is are the teachers note, so please be wary on the contents you write and make sure things are cited and plagiarism free. This guy means business.

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