Consider this a real-life simulation of a research presentation

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For this week’s discussion, you are asked to develop a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (no more than 20 slides) following the guidelines provided below.
Consider this a real-life simulation of a research presentation. However, you are only presenting the proposal, not the findings. Develop your slides to highlight key points and expand on this in the speaker notes. Do not simply copy/paste your paper, but instead provide a condensed synthesis of the respective content. Include citations on the slide/speaker notes and references on the last slide(s).
Use the following as your slide headings.
SignificanceProblem/PurposeTheoretical FrameworkResearch Questions/HypothesesVariables and Operational DefinitionsSample/SettingDesignInstrumentsDescription of the InterventionData Collection ProceduresData Analysis PlansEthical IssuesLimitationsImplicationsReferences
Note what is missing: Literature Review
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Discussion Question need 3 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles as references 250 words. APA FORMAT
Discussion Topic 1: Introduction and Policy Involvement
Please introduce yourself and describe how you, as an advance practice nurse, could be involved in the political system. Describe any involvement that you have had. If you have not had any involvement, describe an area in which you would like to see public policy changed.
I have never been in politics I have worked ER, Hospice and Home Health

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