Development of a new information system
June 21, 2017
Explain factors that help to influence our nations focus
June 21, 2017

Contract Writing
Pick from one of the following positions: 1.physician at a local medical group, 2.administrative assistant at a law firm, or 3.human resources director at an automobile manufacturing facility. Draft either an employment letter or an employment agreement (contract) for your chosen position, including the terms you believe should make up the letter/contract. Explain in 250–500 words why you chose an employment letter or employment agreement (contract) for the position, why you chose the terms you used and whether anything you learned in the course caused you to include a particular term. (If it did, explain why.) Post the letter/contract and the 250- to 500-word explanation to the designated discussion forum. Provide feedback on one of your team’s employment letters/contracts. Discuss whether you believe the terms included will work in the business your classmate has identified. Why or why not? Your response should be 150–250 words and provide feedback that shows that you thoughtfully reviewed your teammate’s post.


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