Converting This Word Document Into An Excel Spreedsheet Work Flow

LSC workflow for scheduling patients from start to finish (rough draft) 
1. patient meets with surgeon for pre op appointment, 
2. Surgeons office schedules surgery date 
3. Surgeons office faxes, emails or hand delivers scheduling forms
4. The patient’s data is entered into Vision for the specific date requested by the surgeon’s office
5. Admin builds the patients chart, placing all necessary documents into the file
6. Charts must be completed so the following can be done;
a. Pre-Op call made by the nursing staff
b. Medication Lists are reviewed by the nursing staff
c. History & Physical Received and reviewed by the clinical staff
d. Testing is completed, when required by the Anesthesiologist
e. Admin will request the following per the Anesthesiologist instructions to be faxed prior to the scheduled surgery date;
i. EKG
ii. LABS
iii. Doctors Note
iv. Prior office notes from PCP etc.
7. If chart is complete, patients paper chart is sent back to anesthesia to be checked 
8. If chart is not complete, it is filed in drawer until the required tests are received
9. After anesthesia has approved patients’ case, it is put on top of cart in back room (behind front office) for Pre-Op call nurses to take and complete calling 
10. LSC Prints off chart labels for stickering
a. Individual patient labels 
b. Diagnostic summary labels
c. Mailing labels
d. Billing labels (1 per patient)
11. Day before surgery, LSC puts paper chart into hard binder for MAC/General or leaves in folder for local, and ensures correct labeling 
12. Patients insurance eligibility and benefits are checked 1-2 days prior to surgery
a. If authorization is needed and we do not have a copy, the surgeons office is contacted to obtain a copy
b. If patient has a copay, the amount is written on a post-it and attached to the front of the chart for collection at check-in
13. patients’ chart is placed on top shelf of filing cabinet in order of arrival time
14. LSC checks in patient the day of surgery, chart is taken back to nursing station 
15. LSC nurses assist the patients to the pre op waiting area for surgery
16. Post op, patient is discharged, and chart is taken back to admin for break down and the following:
a. Anesthesia forms are scanned and sent to billing company
b. Hippa forms put into charts
c. Dictation is completed by the surgeon
d. Dictation device is uploaded for transcription
e. Transcription returns draft reports (reports must be reviewed and corrected if necessary)
f. Reports are printed out, attached to charts and put in surgeons’ bin for signature
g. Surgeons signs the post op report
h. Signed reports are scanned to the G drive
i. Once they are scanned to the g drive, we place the op report for Heather to bill
j. Specific surgeons require faxed reports to their offices
k. Signed reports (hard copy) are labeled and placed into the chart
l. Pathology reports are received via fax
· Admin faxes report to surgeon’s office, initials report
· Nurse reviews and notates in pathology binder, initials report
· Report is attached to chart and put in surgeons bin for signature
· Once signed, the report is labeled and filed in chart
m. Charts are moved to storage
n. Charts are scanned onto the G drive 
o. Charts are broken down and prepared for shredding
Basically I have to show my manager why we need an EMR and why having paper chart do more harm than good. Above I have listed the entire work flow of my office but now I need to convert it into an excel documentation. I will need this done by the end of the business day today or first thing tomorrow morning.

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