COVID-19 workforce staffing plan

The case:

You run cybersecurity operations for the for a healthcare emergency response logistics firm with global contracts with contracts with the United States and the Canadian government. COVID-19 had caused your organization to move to telework. As result you must do research and create the following plans.


An organizational pandemic plans

A COVID-19 workforce staffing plan

A plan to assess the new cybersecurity risks as a result telework

The benefits to the organization of these plans and final conclusions


The final paper will be 15-17 pages (not including your cover page and reference page) double spaced 12 point Times Roman New in APA format. You must use a minimum 20 different references, which could include your course textbook. Wikipedia  is not an acceptable source of reference


Associated assignments are due in:

Week 2: Paper Outline

Week 4: First Draft

Week 7: Final Paper

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