Crane location

-Use the Ground Floor Plan and draw by hand to show where to place (Access routes, toilets, mess, locker rooms etc) – Give reasons for choosing these areas

  • Facilities on sites (Give reasons for choosing the area)

-Crane location (Give reason for choosing the position)

-Pedestrian route separate from car access (give reason – safety etc)

-Cabins (give your reasons)

-Use ‘Lecture Note on Site Layout’ as guide pdf attached

-Overall, give detailed reasons for the 5 main tasks (Project Team diagram, Linear Responsibility Matrix, Identification & Management of Risks to the Programme, Programme (master and detailed)

-Site layout (Ground floor plan)

-Develop a master programme using MS Project or any other system (minimum 50 tasks/activities). Production of a detailed programme for an element of the project (minimum 25 tasks/activities)

  • Ignore Introduction and Conclusion

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