Crash (2005), a film directed by Paul Haggis

Must have access to  Crash (2005), a film directed by Paul Haggis

This assignment provides the opportunity to explore a theme or movie type across a variety of mediums (film, fiction, empirical work).  Using the topic themes developed in class, use one of the films listed below to compare, contrast, and elaborate issues raised during the course (violence, deterrence, punishment, rational choice, gender and race etc.).  For example, many films examine law enforcement, or morality tales, or victims/heroes, or how ones social position (race, class, gender, sexuality) affects their social world, but perhaps in different ways.  In thinking about your analysis, you will need to examine and incorporate your notes (and thinking) based on the course films, readings, and questions for discussion.  The paper is worth 30 points of your total course grade and should be FOUR typed pages. 

Note:  I will stop reading after four pages of text.  Therefore, this means that you must be concise with your analysis.  This assignment does NOT ask you to be a movie critic and review the movies (or cut-and-paste them from the web). Rather, you must integrate course material; failure to do so will result in a failing paper.

For the Integration Paper:


Crash (2005), a film directed by Paul Haggis

Connect the film to issues and research raised through other films and readings. 

You will be grade on:
THEME (clear understanding of the assignment. Thesis is clearly defined and well-constructed to help guide the reader throughout the assignment. Student builds upon the thesis of the assignment with well-documented and exceptional supporting facts, figures, and/or statements.)
CONTENT KNOWLEDGE: (Assignment shows a notable level of depth of students ability to relate course content to practical examples and applications. Student provides comprehensive analysis of details, facts, and concepts in a logical sequence.)
CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS (Student provides well-supported ideas and reflection with a variety of current and/or world views in the assignment).
ORGANIZATION AND FORMAT: (Student thoroughly understands and excels in explaining all major points. An original, unique, and/or imaginative approach to overall ideas, concepts, and findings is presented. Overall format of assignment includes an appropriate introduction (or abstract), well- developed paragraphs, and conclusion. Finished assignment demonstrates students ability to plan and organize research in a logical sequence.)
WRITING SKILLS: (Student demonstrates an excellent command of grammar, as well as presents research in a clear and concise writing style. Presents a thorough, extensive understanding of word usage. Assignment is error-free and reflects students ability to prepare a high-quality academic assignment).

Book used “shots in the mirror” crimes films and society by Nicole Rafter


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