Culture in an Organization Paper

This is assignment is a written essay and should follow APA guidelines complete with citations and a reference list.


In this essay, you will present your stand on the topic and how it is relevant to the course discussions, reading, and our current issues. This should be well written and prepared.You will be graded on content and your writing skills, so fluff or ramble within the subject won’t cut it. You must use 2 examples that are referenced and citied that are outside of your textbook. For example, “the Starbucks company is an excellent example of service culture as reported by U.S News & World Report. They offer tuition reimbursement to their employees who work at least 20 hours per week and are seeking an online degree.” This paper should be a minimum of 1,800 words and a max of 2,000. So, it should be presented in a clear, concise format and include relative supporting citations.

You are to select ONE topic from the following:

1) Discuss the importance of the culture of empowerment in service organizations. Elaborate on the potential benefits from the manager’s perspective, employee’s perspective, and guests perspective.

2) Discuss the service excellence equation and the service leader model. How can these relate to effective ways of creating a high-performance service organization?

3) Discuss culture within an organization. How do you create it? develop it? change it? Can you change it? What are some specific tactics used to enhance the culture? How does it shape an organization?

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