CYS 523 M2.7

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In your module notes, you learned about William and how he learned about the importance of application security while developing software.  In this activity, you will analyze the organizational concerns of properly building security in the SDLC phases.


Read the following:

UC Berkeley Secure Coding Practice Guide
Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute
Bug Bounty Program
Bug Bounty Program: Reduce Risk with Crowdsourced Security
Next, review the six phases of the SDLC, and discuss which phase you feel would be the most costly to an organization as a result of neglecting security. What are common coding practices that are necessary for the phase you selected? How would a bug bounty program contribute to any of the phases of the SDLC?

In response to one another, select at least one of your peers who considered a different SDLC phase most costly to an organization. Discuss with one another why you might agree or disagree with their choice.


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