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Multimedia Research Project Instructions
As a culminating project, you will incorporate your knowledge gained in the class into a 13–15-slide PowerPoint presentation, focusing on a specific drug of your choice. The presentation’s purpose is to provide general information about the drug and then to focus on prevention of abuse. Be creative! It is intended that you could use your presentation as an educational tool for a self-selected audience (e.g., write your presentation to a specific age group).
The purpose of the PowerPoint is that the slides could be used as a teaching tool. All materials used must be paraphrased or summarized and not directly quoted.


Background information about the drug (2 slides) – History of the drug, etc.
Usage trends (1 slide) – Is usage increasing or decreasing?
Administration of the drug (1 slide) – How the drug enters the body (may be multiple ways).
Distribution of the drug (1 slide) – How does the drug travel through the body?
Site of action of the drug (1 slide) – Where does the drug work in the body? What neurotransmitters are involved?
Metabolism of the drug (1 slide) – How and where is the drug broken down in the body?
Excretion of the drug (1 slide) – How does the drug leave the body?
Current treatment trends for the drug (2–3 slides).
Outline of your prevention program (2–4 slides).
Reference list must be in APA format (# of slides as needed).

Follow current APA format for citations as necessary. A minimum of 5 scholarly sources is required for this project.
Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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