data presentation and analysis

1. Describe one of the data presentation tools explained in Sayle’s Chapter 9 as well as Horton’s Chapter 11. You can select tables, pie charts, histograms, line charts, and so forth. Discuss its best application in terms of which types of data are best displayed with the selected tool. [PS: In both textbooks show bar graphs having vertical But in the Excel, you will find column graphs having vertical bars while bar graphs having horizontal bars. Let’s go with Excel and review the attached sample graphs.

2. Let’s explore some of the health data in the World Health Organization (WHO) Website.

  • Go to the WHO website at . Click on “Countries”; Click on a country of your choice; Scroll down to the “Country Profile” and click on the “Country health profile” – it will be a .pdf file with tables and graphs.
  • Please see the attached file for alternative instructions.
  • Add any other comments from your findings.

Respond to the second question by creating a PowerPoint multimedia piece


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