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The two most common research methods are qualitative and quantitative.  We learned about qualitative research in Unit III.  Unit IV is all about quantitative research.  

Identify your discipline and fully support your reasoning for quantitative research.  Showcase your understanding of quantitative research.  Please give specific examples with content and depth in that analysis.  There should be many credible and high-quality sources pertaining to quantitative research.

Please work to find at least two credible references for this assignment.  At least one reference should be within the past two years.  A minimum of 3 pages of in-depth analysis is to be submitted (the title page with your name and the reference page are not included in the minimum page count).  The analysis, citations, and references must be in APA format.

The 3-page content requires the following sub-headings:(1) Definition of quantitative methods(2) Description of quantitative methods and tools with rationale(3) Effectiveness of selected methods and tools(4) Relevant company examples(5) Relevant organizational examples(6) Personal opinion of future of quantitative research

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