Deliverable 5 – Using Ethics in Visual Communication

Evaluate and revise ethical issues in visual media communication to improve awareness of social perceptions.
You are the campaign manager for a well known environmental outreach organization. The current campaign is
to bring awareness to the organization’s Ohio River Clean-Up Project. As the manager, one of your tasks is to
review all content and visuals used by the campaign. You actively evaluate and revise any ethical issues that
may be detrimental to the project, your organization, or society in general.
As you meet with one of the campaign designers, you identify several ethical problems with the new poster he
has created. His poster includes the following elements:
The poster image shows a group of poor, urban, African-American children playing alongside the Ohio River.
The poster text states: “Let’s help them clean up.”
The poster has several overlaid images in the corner of a few celebrities, which gives the impression of
celebrity endorsement.
There are no sources acknowledged anywhere on the poster.
The poster has been digitally altered to make the African-American children appear thinner, darker, and dirtier.
Since you are flying out to a campaign meeting in one hour, you ask this campaign designer to hold this poster
and wait for your video review.

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