Demographic Characteristics Of The Population Of New York City Discussion

Demographic characteristics of the population for the area of New York, where I live, obtained at the U.S. Census Bureau provides a range of information. The following are the most abundant of populations: A- The most abundant age is from ages 18-65, being 58.9% of the population. There are 52.5% females, and 47.7% males. B- Ethnicity, white alone, 42.8%. C- Poverty levels, 19.6%. D- Housing, median value $538, 700. E- Education, High School graduates 81.1%, Bachelor degree, 36.7%.
Based on Epidemiological data obtained from the health department website, one priority in my NYC area is the opioid overdose deaths. The county dashboard shows the overdose deaths are most prevalent between the ages of 18-44 years old. The number of drug deaths are based on deaths per 100,00 people. CHN focuses on identifying community disease, factors associated with the diseases and the spread of the disease within the community. “Public health practitioners hoped to improve preventative strategies by identifying critical factors in disease development” (Nies, & McEwen, p. 70, 2019).
The demographic characteristics of the NY community which I live influences the opioid usage fueled by economics and social factors. Demographic characteristics: Living in an upper middle-class neighborhood with social pressures, gives way to a physical and mental ‘quick fix’. A second issue, the rise of greater patient expectations for pain relief which became prevalent in the 1990s. “Evolving approaches to pain treatment, and limited drug treatment have fueled spikes in problematic substance use” (Am J Public Health). Overprescribing made opioids easily accessible. This social determinant bares the urgency for clinical care, as fundamental care to public health.
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