Describe how the variables are measured.

Describe how the variables are measured.
QUANTITATIVE ARTICLE CRITIQUEHello,I need some help writing an article critique . The file titled “QUANTitative article for critique” is the article I chose to be critiqued. The file titled “QUANTitative rubric” is the rubric I must follow. All the questions in the rubric must be answered in the article critique paper, so please read the rubric carefully.For this question on the rubric: What ideas did you gain from the studies that you may apply to your own practice? –> “your own practice” means nursing practice/ how you will practice as a nurse/ how did the ideas from the study give you ideas about how you will practice as a nurse when you are working.For this question on the rubric: How do the studies contribute significantly to our understanding of the problem ( the problem in the article)? “Our” is referring to how nurses, doctors, other healthcare providers, scientistsand every day people understand the problem.Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the rubric questions. Thanks.Document Preview:Rubric for Analysis and Critique Paper ExerciseQuantitative Intervention StudyAreas to IncludeInformation to IncludeResearch Question, Hypotheses, Study VariablesWhat are the research questions? Hypotheses?What theoretical framework did the researcher use?Identify any Independent (IV) and Dependent (DV) study variables.Literature ReviewAnalyze and critique the literature review (background of the studies). Is it current? Comprehensive?Population & SampleIdentify the target population/s.Describe the samples.

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